Ray Sorveno

The professional credo of Ray Sorveno: I'm not interested in my ego, I'm only interested in my echo“. Ray Sorveno, a hyperrealistic painter and also photographer who was born in Milan, began his career as a latin dancer and illustrator. He was catapulted in the world of advertising by jobs as art director for different film companies. Soon he gets first commissions for cinema billboards all over the world. From there it was just a small step to oil colours and photography.

In addition to beauty and fashion the main sources of inspiration for Ray Sorveno's photography are contemporary haute couture, movies, the international youth and mass culture and the poetry of the mundane and the ordinary.

Ray Sorveno is a photographer, albeit one who does anything but capture on film what chance might happen to throw in his path. His photographic images are the result of deliberate manipulation of reality and only in this sense are the inevitably documentary. His field is situated at the far end of a territory which begins or ends with documentary photography. It is the domain of fashion photography and what is known as lifestyle photography. Sorveno often exaggerates artificial features, doing so very pointedly, playing with the identity of the models and set pieces he stages, thus opening up all possible avenues for the imagination of anyone viewing his photographic images.